Floretzians Speak

Floretzians Speak

Floretz is a very child friendly school. I did my  first four years of  schooling at Floretz. I did not ever feel, even for a day, that I didn’t want to go to Floretz.  This was a place where I  had all the freedom to choose my  work or to do any other activity .  My school gave me all round development  in academics, dance, sports, art & craft and much more. I was groomed and nurtured by Uma Ma’am and Deepa Ma’am. It was a home away from home. I became independent and confident  to face a bigger school. Thank you Floretz. (Srinidhi Rangarajan)

Recollecting Floretz Memories always excites me. The home like environment, warmth and friendly teachers left an everlasting positive imprint about “Schools and Schooling” in me. Deepa aunty is the first one to call me “Friendly Mitali”. As a teenage girl now, I am so well known for my friendly approach in my school. Floretz gave me a gang of best friends. We all study together and that makes my days cheerful. I was happy to be part of the 10th Annual Day Celebrations of Floretz. I will always love Floretz!!! (Mitali Arunkumar)

I started my journey with Floretz in 2010 and it has been a very fulfilling and self-realising journey. Floretz is like a family to me where everyone helps and complements each other. Floretz gives us freedom to innovate and implement our ideas and this freedom of course comes with  responsibility.  Floretz is a child centered institute where each child is regarded as a different individual and attention is paid to nurture the potential of each child. Every day brings new learnings as children are my true teachers. Meenakshi ma’am and Deepa ma’am are my mentors. They have carved me into a true Montessorian. Deepa ma’am guides the team very affectionately and she is always around to help us. It has been wonderful journey and a great experience with Floretz. So, Come, Join and Experience the unforgettable moments. (Upma Dhall)

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