The Floretz Program

“Knowledge can best be given where there is eagerness to learn, so this is the period when the seed of everything can be sown, the child's mind being like a fertile field, ready to receive what will germinate into knowledge.” Dr. Maria Montessori

The Floretz Programme is designed to bring learning through observation, self-help, teaching aids, Montessori Materials, Montessori trained adults, spontaneous sharing of knowledge of older children with the younger ones, physical activities and audio-visual modules.

Toddler Montessori Program (2 to 2 ½ years of age)

“Our aim is not merely to make the child understand...but to so touch (the child's) imagination as to create enthusiasm to (the) inmost core” Dr. Maria Montessori

  • Our Montessori based Toddler curriculum supports the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child. Toddlers strengthen speech and language development and both fine and gross motor skills as they explore self, family and the world in which they live.
  • The toddlers learn concentration, coordination, language skills, responsibility and respect—all of which prepare them well for a successful transition into the Primary Montessori environment.
  • Activities have been developed and designed to meet the growth needs of children. As in everything else in Floretz, the program has been custom designed for children of this age group. The child's mind absorbs everything that he/she senses like a sponge. The environment at Floretz makes this happen.

“Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development.” Dr. Maria Montessori