• Floretz requires Montessori Adults and Post School Care Specialists who share our vision to create the differentiator for the Child. Someone who wants to be with children....who loves them....who will make them better human beings.
  • For the position of Montessori Adult, the person should be qualified as a Montessorian, should be self-motivated and be willing to work as a team.
  • For the position of Post School Care Specialist, the person should have worked in a Day Care Centre and must be good at one of the following – music, art and craft, story-telling. Someone with a very high energy level, this person must be able to keep children engaged whilst also offering them activities that help them build their personalities.
  • Floretz provides you with an environment that gives you freedom of action at work and brings out the creativity in you. Floretz is an equal opportunities employer.

What do our Montesorri Adults say about Floretz?